Applying Pre-Mapped Lashes

  1. Clean lashes completely of any makeup, oil and dirt.
  2. If your lashes are straight use a curler to give them a bend – this will help the lashes stick to them.
  3. Loosed all the lashes from their tray so they are ready to use – if you have the silicon pad this can be used to stop the lashes moving about. We suggest using your thumb and index finger to remove the lashes from the tray NOT tweezers to spread the pressure evenly and not damage the lash segments.
  4. Apply Luxe DIY TM Bond to the roots of your lashes. Let it dry for 30 seconds.
  5. While waiting on the bond drying on your lashes take the micro-mascara wand and apply bond to the band of the lash segments. This is important to stop the lashes lifting.
  6. Once the bond is tacky start applying the segments from the outer corner inwards using your Luxe DIY TM Welding Tweezers. The lashes are marked in the packet Left + Right eye. You can cut the final piece for the inner corner to size if it is too big for your eye shape.
  7. Let your lashes dry for a few mins. When completely dry use either your tweezers or clean fingers to weld your lashes together.
  8. Apply Luxe DIY TM Sealant to the roots of the lashes and let dry.


Pro Tips

  1. Wipe the tweezers down between lifting each segment to make sure there’s no bond residue to make application as easy as possible.
  2. DO NOT apply to the water line – you must leave at least 1mm-2mm between your root and where you apply the lashes!
  3. Press your lashes together every morning for the best lash retention.
  4. As tempting as it may be to keep them on longer, we always suggest removing your lashes after 5 Days maximum and cleaning your eyes properly and then reapplying them.