Welcome to the world of Lash Dupe, where beauty meets innovation.

Founded in Scotland in 2019, Lash Dupe emerged as a DIY lash extension haven, aiming to revolutionize the beauty industry with its creative and playful products. Growing from a spare bedroom to a 5,000 Square foot Warehouse and a team of 6.  

Our founder Adele, fuelled by her passion for self-expression and a desire to empower individuals to enhance their natural beauty, embarked on a journey that would redefine the way we approach eyelash extensions.

What sets Lash Dupe apart is its commitment to making the lash extension experience accessible, enjoyable, and customizable for everyone. Adele and her team have carefully curated a range of innovative DIY lash extension products that not only deliver professional-looking results but also add an element of fun to the process. From vibrant coloured packaging to unique styles, Lash Dupe invites you to explore and express your personality through your lashes.

Since its inception, Lash Dupe has been at the forefront of the DIY beauty revolution, challenging traditional norms and encouraging beauty enthusiasts to embrace their creativity.